Our attorneys have experience representing both employers and employees in many areas of employment law. We represent and advise our clients on matters such as employment discrimination, harassment, government regulations, employee handbooks and employee contracts, unemployment compensation, and wage issues.

We can assist you with:

  • Litigating in state and federal courts, including non-compete and trade secret claims, wage and hour matters, discrimination claims, harassment claims, and employee benefits actions;
  • Addressing administrative charges before state and federal agencies;
  • Protecting employers' confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and business relationships from misappropriation or misuse; and
  • Challenging the enforceability of non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

Our employment litigators at Roe Cassidy have the knowledge and experience to evaluate employment cases from both the employer and employee perspective. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively represent employers and businesses as well as individuals in employment matters.

Our employment lawyers also advise and work with clients on developing preventative measures to avoid litigation. We draft and evaluate employment practice-related agreements including non-competition agreements, purchase/sale agreements, employment contracts, employee handbooks, training materials, and employee policies and procedures.

Employment Attorneys